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Originally Posted by robster94gt View Post
I was just looking at the helis, and was wondering how those would compare with this HK one, and if anybody has any experience with them.
If you mean the ones I've been seeing in the banner ads, they look pretty much the same. I wouldn't be surprised if these were from the same manufacturer.

As for mine, I finally had a bit of time this afternoon to spend getting a feel for this thing. Ironic, since everyone but me has really put in stick time and I was the one doing all the writing!

Given the potential speed (it is incredibly fast, even without the idle-up engaged), a smallish field, a slight breeze and the sun on a really whacked-out azimuth, I kept the trial limited to some tail-in and side hovering both above and below the ground effects along with some slow forward flight.

It has a very "dialed-in" feel. Manny did one heck of a job setting it up. The tail held steady without twitching and doing a few spot landings was a cinch both with the throttle and some low-altitude autorotation. Next step is some fast forward flight without the idle-up engaged over at a larger venue.

I'll most assuredly check in.

Update: Perfect day for flying and yes, up went the 450TT. She is one sweet little eggbeater. No bad habits whatsoever in fast forward flight. She just tracks the way she's supposed to.

I'll tell you this: That chopper is going with me to the field whenever possible.
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