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Originally Posted by everydayflyer View Post
A multi meter checks volts,amps.Ohms not internal resistance of cells.

IR of cells are determined by taking no load and loaded readings or loaded readings at two different loads and using Ohms Law.

There are several threads on LiPoly Internal Resistances ,how to obtain them and how to evualate them.

iChargers do a fair job of calculating cell IR most of the time. If the IR of one cell is many times that of the others in a fairly new LiPolys then there is likely a leads / connector problem.

Like with the connection break errors most of the time it is the leads / connectors not the charger.

I got a quick reply from Junsi that solved the problem. I had a burned trace on the first pin of a few of the balance connectors. Corrected the problem and also had to do a calibration on cell 2 volt reading as it was reading .2 volts low. 3.8 instead of 4.0 which I was getting on my multimeters.

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