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Originally Posted by Truglodite View Post
My Eclipse flew OK with the 10P-12T-24awg-D at 260W. So why not push it harder? Although just flying it this weekend would be fun enough, just for you guys I put my latest creation on the stand this evening:

T2730-10p-6x2T-24awg-Y (3650Kv)
Rhino 3s1250 30c (full charge)
APC 4.1x4.1e
31301RPM/11.26V/29.1A/122mph/69.0% DCalc effy

There is a lack of props and no load... would have been fun enough to just fly it.

Efficiency is low on the bench, but the plane is slippery. 100W of dissipated heat is a whole lot for a 25gm outrunner to handle, but I'm not expecting problems with open air cooling at those speeds. Tomorrow's test flight should see around 130mph average. After a certain point increasing cell count becomes necessary. I doubt going beyond 3650Kv on 3s would be fruitful. So now I'm looking at a 2730-10p-8x2T-25a-Y 10p motor mounted on the test stand with a 4.1x4.1e attached, waiting for 4s. If I have time I'll try my 12D stator too... this is where I make the turn for the darkside.

I'd like to try that motor on my pizza box flyer.
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