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Removable Tail mod

Our EZ*'s are transported in a modified underbed box:

I modified my original BWEZ* (currently configured as our super simple trainer) to make the horizontal stab removable. This allows the set-up to lay flat, in an unmodified under bed box. Because of the neater form factor, an unmodified box is significantly stronger, attracts less attention, and transports better. As well, I think I can pack the entire kit, plane, ground station, RC, ground support equipment, and tools all in the same box. This would make things easier, especially when traveling in commercial aircraft charging for each piece of luggage...

It was relatively simple.

1. Remove the horizontal stab. I used a sharp Xacto knife and a bit of twisting. I probably could have used CA remover. But, I did not want to deal with the mess. (This step of course is not necessary if building from scratch).

2. Replace the Multiplex control horn with a standard dubro park flyer control horn.

3. Bend the elevator control wire 90 degrees at the correct length and install a Dubro Micro EZ link connectors.

4. Notch out a flat "step" under the tail so the nylon bolt head sits on a flat surface and is protected from the ground on touchdown.

5. Puncture a hole through the fuselage and the horizontal stab to fit the 2 inch nylon bolt.

6. Dry fit the entire assembly. Note the required length and trim the bolt to the proper length. I used a hack saw then sanded the edges down. Note where the bolt touches the vertical stab and cut out a notch where the bolt can sit snugly. CA the bolt to the vertical stab. This keeps the bolt from spinning and will hold the vertical stab's aft end to the rest of the airplane, assuring lateral stability.

7. I added flat plastic cut-outs made from old credit cards between the bolt and the horizontal stab, as well as the bolt head and the aft fuselage to distribute the loads a bit.

There you have it! Removable tail...One bolt and an EZ clip to disconnect and connect to remove the horizontal stab...takes about 1 minute...

I flew it today, and did not notice anything different.
The question now is: How long will it last?
If it proves to be a durable mod, I'll do the same on my "mission" bird. Fortunately, if it doesn't work out, all I have to do is glue it all back together again...lols....
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