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I recently bought a Skyartec Cessna 182 (the brushless 7 channel version), since it's long been my dream to have a RC aeroplane, but I haven't had much luck with it yet (i.e. it has yet to leave terra firma!).

This morning I attempted a flight, taking off from an artificial cricket pitch (for those unfortunate enough not to be familiar with the wonderful game of cricket, this is a astroturf surface about 22 yards, or 20 metres long) which I would have thought would have been ample length to get airborne but the aircraft never left the ground. I noticed that the motor seemed a bit sluggish so I took it home.

Testing it at home all the motor would do is twitch when throttle was applied and now it doesn't move it all! I've checked as many connections as I can, my battery is fully charged and there are fresh batteries in the radio. All the control surfaces seem to be working fine. Ominously I've noticed the normally deafening rendition of "Oh Sussanah" when the battery is plugged in is a LOT quieter.

Any ideas what might be wrong? Have I somehow fried my speed controller or motor (and is there any way to test this?). Also: how does one get the prop off? This would enable me to check the motor itself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
First remember to turn on transmitter first, then connect airplane battery. You need to do this in that order for safety. Always remove airplane battery first THEN turn off the transmitter when you are finished.
First try to reset the ESC. Turn on the Transmitter; put throttle all the way up or on high setting. Plug in the airplane battery. Wait for a couple of beeps. Put the Transmitter throttle to lowest position (including the trim). Wait for the tune or song to finish. Unplug airplane battery; plug airplane battery back in; wait for tune to finish and see if you have throttle. Again, make sure both silver top switches are in the up or normal position.

Now if this does not resolve your issue, yes you may have a bad ESC or more likely a bad motor.
You will have to contact your dealer for repair or replacement. Your post does not say what country you are in; We are the USA Distributor for the product. Contact us OFFLINE if we can help. You can contact here: as we do NOT use the private message system here to communicate with buyers.

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