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Premature Camera Shutdown

Originally Posted by doggit View Post
if this question has been asked before then i am sorry, but i got one off eletoponline365 about 3 weeks ago, not had chance to use it much, apart from testing, and have it charged up, then today i put it on my motorbike to film a ride out, but when i tried to view the film, it had stopped recording after about 15 seconds, so at home i am just looking at it, and i start it up and press the record button, i get the flashing record light then after about 10 seconds the orange light comes on and stops recording, i am using an 8gb class 6 card and it was charged yesterday, anyone have this problem too
Hi doggit. I have one that was donated to me that does something similar... mine will record for approximately one minute, then stops with no video file on the flash card. If I manually stop the recording before it quits on it's own, I get a normal recording saved on the card. Writing TO the card while in the camera is OK, but reading a file FROM the card is V E R Y slow when it is in the camera, much slower than another #11 camera with the same card in it, the same USB cable, plugged into the same PC port.

Yours may not show all these same symptoms, but first confirm the flash memory card is not the issue. You can format it with the SDformatter utility and test it with the CrystalDiskMark utility (see FAQs for more info).

If the flash card is confirmed good, test for a battery problem. Checking the battery voltage does NOT confirm the health of the battery. A failing battery can charge up to the normal voltage (4.1V - 4.2V), yet not be able to deliver the current the camera requires without the voltage dropping below the low voltage cutoff point. Try a recording using the car charger that came with your camera. If you are unable to do this, start a recording, then IMMEDIATELY plug the camera to a good USB port on your computer. That will power the camera via the USB cable until the camera stops at the time interval programmed into your firmware (can be 20 min., 50 min., or 70 min.). If the camera still behaves the same using external power, the camera is defective and should be replaced. If the camera functions normally with the external power, the battery is defective and should be replaced. Either of these should be handled as a warranty replacement.

In my case, the card and the battery were both good. I think there is some intermittant fault in the circuitry that causes the camera to shut down when the temperature rises normally during recording.
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