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Originally Posted by beenflying View Post
Looks good, Mike. Yeah, the camera has a bad habit of making the wires stand out against the black parts.

So are you all ready to fly?

Make sure you double check the swash tries to stay level when you tilt the heli and the piro optimization is correct. Sorry to keep reiterating this but I've heard of too many crashing first flight, with other FBL systems, through having this wrong.

Edit: Sorry, I forgot you already have other FBL systems.
Yep - ready to go, finished it off yesterday evening and hoping to maiden later today. I've checked the tail and cyclic correction + prio optimisation 3 or 4 times .

The only things that I haven't adjusted are things like tail / pitch mix, the cyclic gains and the collective / cyclic pitch settings which I tend to do by "feel" on small helis
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