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Originally Posted by Silverexpress View Post

I'll look into it. Sounds like an interesting problem. I thought it was inherent in the airframe, and I just thumb corrected it. After some thought, there is always the likelihood that it was modelled incorrectly.
SE, thanks for your reply.

The Beast airframe can be balanced perfectly so that there is absolutely zero pitch coupling and/or roll coupling in KE flight in the real world. My 2nd Beast is so good with KE flight that it feels like its on rails when in KE. Just rudder and throttle needed to stay in a completely straight line. With calm conditions, I can fly KE figure 8s with just elevator and rudder (albeit not good, but this is due to my skill level and not the air frame - but I can do them.)

The airframe on RF seems to always pull to upwards in KE (towards the canopy) like it is out of balance.

Also the rolls are much faster in RF than in the real world (when aileron push rods are in the factory holes at least.)

Furthmore, in the sim (RealFlight,) the air frame seems much more pitch sensitive than in the real world. This makes it extremely tough to center out your straight lines after a cuban 8 or a maneuver. But if you can perfect it in RF you'll master it in the real world.

One more minor issue is that the airframe doesn't "float" or slow down as quick as it would in real life. It seems to have less drag in RF than it does in the real world. Therefore this tends to make it tougher to fly in RF. This tendency coupled with the over sensitive pitch control also makes it much more squirrel-y in low speed maneuvers making the RF model hard to fly.

I'd say the air frame in RF is about 20-40% more difficult to fly than in the real world because of these differences as can be backed up by WSEN:

Originally Posted by WSEN
I can fly the real wee beastie fairly well. The RF 5.5 one hardly at all. If I had spent any time with the RF version I would have never bought the model. Maybe it is specific to my setup, usually the sim versions seem to typify the models pretty well.
However, differences aside, I am extremely impressed with how comparable it is.

In the end, if you can fly the UMX Beast in RF, you'll be much better with it in the real world. RF has allowed me to bring my expo values down much more in the real world. I'm down to the lower percentages now (except for ailerons - that stays in the 50% range for expo)
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