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Originally Posted by flying-llama View Post
I just downloaded the Hyper Taxi manual (English) from

I noticed that on page 10, the manual talks about activating and deactivating expo on the Dx4e and Dx5e transmitters.
A few questions:
1. How much expo is there when activated?
2. Has this always been there in the Tx's or is this with new versions of these Tx's (I have never seen this before)?
3. Is this specific to the Hyper Taxi Rx, or is this a general trait of these Tx's that I have never seen before (sure would be handy for the mCPx RTF if a general trait )?
This was always there, though we never spent a lot of time on it. For most products, it just didn't seem worth the effort of trying to explain it... so we just left it alone. (Most owners of those Tx's were relative NOOB's at the time.)

Some pilots thought that some of the planes could use extra expo when flying the Gee Bee on High Rate for landing (and I guess in the end, this could help keep S/W common with the Beast) and it was getting late in the game.

So we dusted off the messages that reminded us how to enable the Expo... and the pilots like how it felt.... tested out all the functionality... and decided to unleash it
(One of the goals of AS3X was to try to let as many pilots experience and awesome flying aircraft.... without a lot of programming, without having to purchase a more expensive Computer Radio.... (Of course we think/hope most pilots will want to upgrade and have more tunability over time!))
1. Don't recall the number... I think it was charted, and didn't match exact exisiting expo shapes perfectly... I may be wrong, but I think it was deemed 15-20%. I was not real involved in that. (You will see that the Gee Bee computer program only has something like 10% expo on elevator, so our pilots preferred 'a bit'.)
2. Always there... never promoted or described... and Easter Egg.
3. General... All... flip it on and go... Will interesting to here reactions to it.... We flew it most on the certain AS3X planes, so even we have not used it broadly. MOST of our developers use primarily DX8's but we do insist that planes that recommend lower transmitters are flown on them to assure it can offer a very good experience.

That is pretty much what I remember.... Hope this helps,
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