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Originally Posted by Silverexpress View Post
Would the interplane struts that go between the wings act as side force generators also? They look like good candidates to me along with your suggestion.

I've pm'd the author of the UMX Beast in RF5.5 to find out how he went about modeling this plane. Is it a true scaled down version or did he take one that was already in RF?

I haven't tried it yet but you could apply the technics of trimming an aerobatic 3d plane on this sim model. There are guides on how to do this all over the internet. Here is one
I can fly the real wee beastie fairly well. The RF 5.5 one hardly at all. If I had spent any time with the RF version I would have never bought the model. Maybe it is specific to my setup, usually the sim versions seem to typify the models pretty well.
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