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Originally Posted by Oian View Post
I'm going to be running an electric free flight. The timer which runs the ESC, when the button is pressed holds zero throttle for a second or two (So the ESC will start the motor) then goes to full throttle. The timer is then started and at the appropriate time signals the Esc to go to zero throttle.

What I'd like to do, and have been told that a CC ESC can be set this way with the Castle link in the control line mode: When the timer gives the full throttle command I'd like to have the motor ramp up to full throttle over a period of 2-3 seconds or possibly up to 5. When the timer gives the zero throttle command I'd like a hard brake.

Does anyone know if this is possible through setting the ESC, and how it would be done?

The reason for the ramp up is that the Watts shown when the motor reaches full throttle determines the length of the motor run (lower watts=longer run allowed) and I'd like to get close to flat part of the battery graph (where the motor will be running for the flight) before full throttle and avoid (If possible) the high Watt spike when a motor is started hard with a fully charged battery (it's also easier on the motor gearbox to have a soft start)

Thanks, John

Yes I do it all the time with my control line models. You can do some of this using the stick mode---I suggest looking at the CC Phoenix User Guide, it details how much you can do without the link.

The Control line mode is nominally specific to using the built in governor, where you want to run a constant rpm throughout the flight. The only difference between the Control line governor, and the Helicopter Governor, is that the CL governor allows you to set a prop brake at the end of the flight (when the timer cuts the throttle), so that you get a good glide---the heli mode doesn't allow a brake--it would be bad news for a heli!

But I don't think you want a governed mode, just a simple soft ramp up to full throttle, and then when the throttle is cut after the timeout, the brake to stop the prop, again to either fold your prop, or at least stop it and give a better glide. Like I said, I think you can do that without the link---although the link is easier to use. If you get the ICE version of the Phoenix, they give you a coupon for a free link--because you need it in any case to read out the datalogger. The original "plain" Phoenix versions, that don't have a built-in datalogger do not have the coupon.

I don't think the cheaper CC Thunderbird ESC has a brake, but you should check that out.
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