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Originally Posted by randall1959 View Post
What I would like to know is why you came to MY thread and started crap yet AGAIN? I have not had ANY interaction with you in quite sometime. I would like to keep it that way. In the past, if I did not share your glowing view of something, you attacked me. When I tried to back up my side of things by quoting the names of friends, you called me a liar. Now, when I have something POSITIVE to say, you attack me again. Do you have some sort of "woodie" for me?
Quit trying to bully me online. I won't warn you again.
weird response, not even sure where its all coming from to be honest but having so much hostility is surely a personal issue. the only thread that is "yours" or be close to being "yours" would be a blog in your profile.

its simple you started a thread in a discussion forum, i made some observations, apparently you took them personal and got nasty right away, where it came from is a mystery. but im more confused then anything.

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