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Originally Posted by Vantasstic View Post
RG-316 eh? Okay, thanks. I'll have to look into that too then. I agree having connectors pre-installed would be the easier solution. I was looking for a price savings with customability. I plan on CP antennas for my multi-copters and a CP on my fixed wing VTx with a helical CP on the VRx for long range flights. I'm hoping/waiting for an antenna tracker system for my OSD to help eliminate the need of a diversity controller for the helical VRx antenna. In that case, I'd probably need a longer run of feed line for the helical antenna and my GS. Thanks for the insight.
RG316 is stiff and extremely heat resistant. That's why I use it. And seriously, you don't need a tracker with a helical. If you're the DIY type, you can make my antenna tracker in my blog if you really want to. However I would sooner invest in a diversity system. It's a little more reliable and requires less set up time.

I need to publish my "quick jig" for building these antennas. Nothing more than a drilled dowel rod and a rubber band. Makes building a snap. Easy

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