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I had the servos set up as analogues and they work fine on large movements, it's just when making small movements around centre that they jitter - and they behave exactly the same on the servo tester as well.

I may be being unfair about the set-up, some of the challenge springs from the poor manual. Simple things like confusing servo reversing and channel reversing didn't help when I was sorting out the servo directions, but also things such as setting cyclic and collective ranges - on the Beastx you just tell it what 6 degrees of pitch is and how much collective you want and it will sort it out - no need to count clicks etc.. Perhaps once I have better familiarity with the ZYX it will be as easy - I recently upgraded one of my Beastx's to the V3 software - I had to set it up from scratch again and the whole process took about 30 minutes.
MikeHRC is online now Find More Posts by MikeHRC
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