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RF5.5 Beast w/Gyros updated

Here are two simulations of gyros in the Beast:

1. Beast 3D simulation: For this one, I've omitted the remote TX switches, and detuned the gyros.

2. This one is a simulation of a Beast version 1 with heli type gyros. The gyro gains/modes can be remotely switched via the TX, and allows the pilot to experience what are called Rate mode or Head Holding mode.

NOTE: I forgot to update the values for the lower aileron throws. It should be +-23 deg. Just like the upper ailerons. This value determines the maximum limit of your roll rate. If you want crazy fast roll, increase these four values. I find +-23 deg comfortable. Edit the aircraft, and expand the AIRFRAME tree on the left. Look for lower wing and expand the branch to get to the "Deflection Max/Min values"

If you'd like to make adjustments to it, here are a few (if you have any questions on any of the other parameters please feel free to ask - there are a lot, and each one affects the other).

1. You can adjust the dual rates, and expos on any of the control surfaces but they will only come into affect when the gyros are in rate mode.
Aileron -Mid/Low switch positions
Rudder/Elevator - low switch positions
To get to these adjustment go to the following in the drop down menu: AIRCRAFT -> Edit Gyro_E-flite UMX Beast_v1-7 ->Software Radio
Output Channel 1 = Ailerons
Output Channel 2 = Elevator
Output Channel 3 = Rudder

As an example, click on "Output Channel 1" and you can adjust values from the resulting screen

2. In Head Holding - TX Expo and Dual rates are ignored. The software instead looks at the gyro values for acceleration, and speed about that axis of rotation - Deg/sec^2 and Deg/Sec. You would need to go into the gyro and adjust the values accordingly. If you do it right, the reaction of the plane will be like that of having expo and dual rates. To get to it from the drop down tree on the left....

ELECTRONICS -> Gyro_Aileron...etc

3. You can also adjust the CG - Highlight AIRFRAME in the drop down tree on the left - you'll want to adjust the y co-ordinate.

4. You can override the compensation of the gyros with the sticks if you adjust the corresponding value in the gyro menu... "Control Override". The gyros continually trim your control surfaces throughout the entire travel range it is assigned. As you lower this value, the stick gets mushy, but the holding power of the gyro in windy conditions increases when your commanding it to roll, pitch or yaw. As you raise this value, the sticks gain authority and the gyro compensates less as you increase the sticks. Try it on the ailerons. I have it set to 50%. If you increase this value, your roll rate will increase, and stick response will be more immediate. Keep in mind that this does not work like Expo although it may feel like that at first.

5. The Real Flight transmitter only has 5 channels, but there is a way of plugging in your Spektrum or Futaba tx and utilizing the channels on those radios (7 ch., 8 ch., 10 channels...etc). This will relieve you from having to go into editing the airplane when you want a different value of expo/dual rates, gains...etc.

(The above file is as close to my Beast as it gets as of today - I've grown use to it, and have made it more aggressive).
Here is my latest video of it....

UMX Beast, Digital Camera & GoPro Mount (4 min 8 sec)

Notice all the switch flipping I need to do....hacker

If the parameters are set correctly - you won't even notice the gyros are there until the wind kicks up, do 3D moves you never could before, or you decide to fly your old V1 right after flying the solid on rails feel of the V2 (just speculating the wonderful job the HH engineers/programmers may have done).

If you'd like more info on using gyros on airplanes, check out Melnics tutorial. It's a good read...
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