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Originally Posted by PittSpecial View Post
I hope you all with the recommended power system (RimFire) that delivers 1250Kv keep that throttle in check as not to melt the ESC nor Batteries.

Gerry (simano) did good with his by installing a lower Kv motor and is able to swing a larger propeller and batteries come out Cold.

Best of luck on the maidens.
Hey Carlos - I read some of the posts here and wanted to confirm what you had mentioned earlier based on my experience this past weekend but it didn't really sink in for me regarding GP motor and ESC combination until I experienced it myself.

Motor (RimFire .10) and ES (ElectriFly Silver Series SS-35) is likely the cause of 3 motor shutdowns I experienced this past weekend. Not 1..but 3 times I was flying (lite/mild flying) and all of a sudden the motor would quiet responding but all servos work.
  • First time I landed in the field with no damage and thought it was maybe my the battery was low since I the one I had used was already sitting in my box from past weekend and I didn't get an accurate reading before heading out.
  • Second time was also in the field but this time the landing gear was damaged (pulled off along with some wood). Luckily it was a relatively clean break with wood and landing gear and I was able to glue it back. This time I thought it was maybe my receiver and was doubting myself. I had all servos control except motor. Since this plane is relatively heavy for it size, with no power seems to be handful to try and land gracefully.
  • Third time - yesterday. Same thing. Slow flying and mild acrobatic moves and mid way through the motor stop. Again I had all servo controls except motor. Damage - fixed landing gear from last time came back off with 1 more wood piece that's fixable. Again glad that is was a clean break. I checked the ESC temperature this time and I was really hot even though it was on its first battery and was only 6-7 minutes into its flight.

Needless to say I am not a happy pilot. Really disappointed the recommendation by GP doesn't seem to working here as in all their other GP planes I have in my fleet. Luckily for me it was only the landing gear that bear the brunt of my persistent attempts. I am no expert but this all points to an ESC not meant for the motor/battery/propeller/servos combinations GP recommended for mild flying much less acrobatic or sport flying without taking a big risk.

I am going to first use the E-Flite 40-Amp Pro ESC I have on hand and see how she does with this. Should be adequate. If this works over a period of half dozen flights, I will have to get another ESC 40A or greater my Cosmic Wind since it too also use this combination as recommended by GP. Concerns me that the Cosmic wind may also encounter this issue.

If this proves true...I am could be stuck with two ESCs sitting around instead of being used. Wonder if GP customer service would upgrade the ESC to the correct amp if I called and informed them of this?

Will keep you updated.
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