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Originally Posted by caall99 View Post
I am so frustrated.... i just lost one of the blade bushings that goes through the hole of the blade... so angry... where do i find a replacement?
You DON'T: they are not shipped with any of the replacement parts [so far].

These tiny things easily fall out. What I do when I first remove a blade is to carefully catch the bearing-bushing and put it aside. Then I take a toothpick and use it to put a tiny amount of CA gel into the blade hole, rubbing it around the inside of the hole with the toothpick. Then I take another not-CA'd toothpick to force the bushing through the hole, scraping away with a pair of fine nail scissors if too much CA gel got in. I do what is necessary until the bushing stays in on its own and does not fall out if the end of the blade is whacked down against smtg. That is, the bushing should NOT be tightly stuck in, because it has to be able to slightly move .... BUT it should not fall out with normal handling. This whole process takes a few minutes, less than having to search everywhere for a fallen-out bushing!

: find or buy a brass tube [hobby store] with the correct O.D. to fit in the blade hole, open it as necessary to fit the blade bolt and use a sharp razor-knife to roll-cut a new bushing!

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