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Originally Posted by swordds View Post
Since I have been flying taildraggers I had been flying with gyros on both the ailerons and the rudder (to reduce ground looping), and I have been having trouble with stalls resulting in death spins. Removing the gyro from the rudder (but leaving the gyro on the ailerons) seems to have solved this problem. That is, stalls result in a wing tip droping but don't result in spins. Does anyone know if there is some logical reason why having a gyro on the rudder in addition to the ailerons would increase the potential for spins?

Also, I am currently using Turnigy TG380 gyros and I have to retrim the ailerons for level flight after almost every battery change. Could this be a problem with the gyro that would be fixed by switching to a better (more expensive?) gyro?
Get a gyro with a remote gain to use on your rudder or you can retain the current one, but add a gws gyro bypass switch. This way you can either lower the gain or bypass the rudder gyro entirely once your flying. (they also have one that has Futaba connectors)

If I remember correctly, this was mentioned in this thread somewhere. Melnic may have more info on his gyro information webpage....see the first post of this thread.
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