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Originally Posted by turboparker View Post

I don't think we're reading anything into it. If anything, we're taking it at face value. This is word-for-word what Dave posted: "No, the boards are not programmable in the field. Each board has programming specific to its intended airframe."

As RG noted - the HH guys should be back soon. I'm sure they'll clear this up for us.

Yes, I hope the HH guys will be definitive of what is going on.

Here is a stray thought on how the 2 views
(one common Rx/gyro board for the Beast 3D and Bee Gee, and
the board(s) are optimized for both) can even both exist at the same time:
instead of fixing the design of the airframes and then changing the Rx/gyro board (settings) to be optimal for each each airframe,
fix the design and settings of the Rx/gyro board (have 1 common part) and change/tweak the airframe designs to optimize the flight behavior with that board.

Possible airframe changes/tweaks include altering
some of the dimensions (overall or relative dimensions between parts),
altering the amount/rate of the throws mechanically,
moving the placement of the Rx/gyro board on the airplane a bit to change the rates of rotation/movement sensed by the gyros.

If this is true, then building new airframes for the Rx/gyro board will be possible, but possibly a bit tricky.

Just my brain wandering off into possibilities...
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