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Originally Posted by swordds View Post
Does anyone know if there is some logical reason why having a gyro on the rudder in addition to the ailerons would increase the potential for spins?
Pure conjecture: during a stall condition every additional increase in drag and consequent decrease in airspeed is felt particularly keenly. In a tip stall, the weight of the "collapsed" wing is a much stronger force than anything the rudder can muster - there's no way to recover from the asymmetry by just countering with the rudder. The gyro on the rudder doesn't know that of course, so it swings the rudder in violent opposition, thereby bleeding more airspeed, and exacerbating the stall.

Originally Posted by swordds View Post
Also, I am currently using Turnigy TG380 gyros and I have to retrim the ailerons for level flight after almost every battery change. Could this be a problem with the gyro that would be fixed by switching to a better (more expensive?) gyro?
Almost certainly. My TG380 also behaves the same way, plus it seems to vary its midpoint based on temperature, mood, and bob-only-knows what else
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