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Originally Posted by Jairoblaster View Post
As to the point of weather its cheating or not, I say if thats the case go ahead and send back your fancy radios with the premixed channels, and endpoint adjustments, and expo, and dual rates. Its all cheating to that end, I remember when we had none of it, And I cherish the day that I was able to purchase my first computerized radio, holy cow what a day. I have a feeling that, what you are seing here will be the same thing.
After you fly your buddys you will go Ive got to have one of those it feels right. Dont just pass it off as a cheaters patch to 3D Use it as a tool to make your flights more fun and get more out of your models. Besides Ive seen alot of you fly and your never going to be 3D pilots with out it. LOL LOL .........
I am, just with a bigger plane. The more I hear, the more I agree. But all those other "cheats" are things real airplanes have, albeit mechanically. In fact, all those things you mention MUST be designed and adjusted very carefully. Gyro stabilization is something else. But full scale craft do use it, and more, to make the new designs flyable. So... if we're going to hold full scale aircraft up as a metric of what's cheating or not... that doesn't make a case against AC3X either. So... I say, enjoy it! I'll be getting one for sure!
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