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I epoxied the the hinge pins into the control surfaces today.
A test fit of the control surfaces into the wings and stabs showed that the gap between the surfaces and the wing was too big.
I took a 13/64 drill bit and opened up just the throat of each pin hinge hole to allow the hinge joint to recess into the wing. Another test fit shows that the gap is now satisfactory.
I also glued the servo mount blocks to the servo hatches. You need to cut the servo mount blocks from a strip of 8x20mm balsa supplied in the kit.
This is the first kit I have seen where you have to cut your own servo blocks. Normally, in ARF kits they are already cut for you. This prompted a mistake on my part by gluing the reinforcement blocks to be used for screwing down the cowl and canopy which I had mistakened for the servo blocks and compounded by not following the instructions. It wasn't until I realized the blocks were not wide enough for my servos. Fortunately, the epoxy had not dried fully when I realized my error so they were easy to remove.
Also I discovered one of the servo hatch doors was severely warped. However, after I glued the servo mount blocks to it and installed the servo, the door returned to its proper shape.
Btw, I am using Hitec HS325 standard servos in this model.

Despite my error with the servo blocks the build has been progressing nicely.

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