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Hi guys, I've got a question for the resident gyro gurus.

I've just got my titan 720gyro off of ebay, and am having trouble getting it to initialise. I'm using a hobbyking T6A radio.

First thing I did was go into the radio's settings, and set all the trims so that it's base position was 0%. I connected the gyro up between my Rx and the ailerons, connected the battery and the plane powers up, the gyro began to initialise, but then the ailerons moved when the radio finally booted up and it seemed to cancel the initialisation.

I read about this problem that someone else experienced with a gyro that was initialising faster than the radio, and the solution was to power up the radio first, then connect the gyro.

Well I've given that a try, and it's still not working. Every time the aileron servos get power, whether it's by connecting the battery, or powering up the Rx first then connecting the ailerons, the servos move one way, the gyro begins to initialise, then 1 second later the ailerons recentre and it seems to cancel the gyro's initialisation.

When I move it close to 100 (which I think is high sensitivity HH mode) the controls seem a bit spongey, but other than that I can't get the gyro to do anything at all. I twist it and shake it and get nothing out of the ailerons at all.

Here's a video showing the prob I'm having:
problem initialising titan 720 gyro (2 min 20 sec)

Is there any advice to be had?
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