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Thanks Rick,

I couldn't have done it without your help, everyone here, and the guys in France flying theirs at the 61mm CG.

Luckily, I had flown my VQ KA-7 and it had the same nose up behavior once you got above 1/2 throttle so I was ready this time. I could mix that out but I kinda like it now that I'm use to it.

I'm flying on 2 3s 2100 Hyperion packs and I still was at ove 4v per cell when I came down. So I could have done a couple more climbs to altitude with no issues. I'm running a Castle BEC as I learn the hard way on my KA-7 that a "glider can still load the system tot eh point of a brown out without one. I got luck and save it but it was nerve racking.

I run a BEC in all my big electrics and now powered gliders. Let that ESC burn out..... I'll still have some control.

Now I need to find a cool scale arf thermal ship that I can high start or tow. this non-powered flight stuff is addictive and soooo graceful to watch

I'm thinking a Minimoa. People seem to like the World Models for all it warts. There are a couple others out there. For now it's back to warbirds. Building season is starting to well..... Start.

I hope to fly the Grob again this Tuesday or Wednesday. Tuesdays are warbird day at my home field where I shot he video. Wednesday I'd like to take it to a glider field to show it off. We'll see.

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