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Originally Posted by DMala View Post
It's fair to say that I should read the first pages before of asking questions (which I did by the way), but also my post should have been read equally carefully...... and not everyone did.... so please chill out a tad before you shoot from the hip, thanks.

I did read on the very first page that the better prop is a TGS 6x4E prop, in fact I specifically mentioned it in my question. What I did not understand on the first page is the following:

"7. Prop Adapter - Use a 2.3mm for V1 & V2 BL."

With a Google a search I find very different adapters and I doubt that they would all be good:



Vs the collet adaptors that come with the HK prop (aeronca, thanks for the link)

So that's why I wrote "From what I understand to get started I should get (...) a TGS 6x4E prop (and adapter? I am unfamiliar with how to connect airplane props)" (...)If necessary I can find the tubes and probably the horns on my own, but I have no idea what parts to order for the prop. "

You see? I asked which parts "for " the prop, not "which prop..."

So I am still hoping that someone kindly answers this original question, which does not require hundreds of lines/pages (whatever that means...) to answer.... thanks
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