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Hitec Telemetry HTS-Navi - USB Receiver Install & Operation

Originally Posted by RCMFUK View Post
Looks like this thread kinda ran out of steam, is that because the problems were resolved?
I'm tearing my hair out here. I have the same problems as listed above including the dreaded runtime 380 error.
Aurora 9 and HTS-Navi. As far as I know all software has been updated and I'm running Windows 7 64bit.
I just can't get the Navi to bind to the Module. It did work once and I've not been able to repeat it since!
I tried to uninstall the HPP-22 software but guess what, when I hit unistall in the Windows control panel it runs the HPP-22 software instead of unistalling it! It seems like the software's here to stay, forever!Surely it can't be this difficult? I'm preparing this for a review on RCMF here in the UK and so far, I can't think of what to write!Any help & guidance gratefully received....
Never try to use the outdated Windows uninstall for this and many other programs. (refer HPP-22 instructions.)
Where provided, always use a programs own uninstall or in need, try the freeware CCleaner uninstall rather than that provided by Windows.
Hitec HPP-22 2.4GHz Programmer - Manual, FAQ - How to install & Use Instructions (with screenshots).

"HPP-22 V1.00, V1.04, V1.10 & V1.11 problems?:
1. Before an upgrade to HPP-22, always Uninstall Exisiting Version.
. Do Not Use "Windows Control Panel"... Look for the HPP-22 Uninstall program in the directory
that you installed the software to and run it.
My installation directory is c:\Program Files\Hitecrcd\HPP-22 > "HPP-22 Uninstall", (icon is a rubbish bin).
In Vista/Win7 go to START/ALL Programs/hitecrcd/HP-22/HP-22 uninstall. (Right click and run Hitec program as administrator.)"
then run HPP-22 V1.11(0) again
2. Attach HPP-22 to USB port before opening the HPP-22 program.

In Win7 go to START/ALL Programs/hitecrcd/HP-22/HP-22 uninstall. (Right click and run Hitec program as administrator.)"
HPP-22 Uninstall Process Screenshots

. Refer Post #16 above for detail of items and how to set up connections on board the model.

10 Feb 2012:
. HTS-Navi Run-Time Error.
To avoid run-time error, until further notice, Do Not Turn Off the on screen Temperature Guages

. Telemetry - HTS-Navi Hitec AFHSS 2.4GHz Wireless USB Telemetry Receiver - Homepage.

Firmware update:
. HTS-Navi Firmware V1.03 31 July 2011

20 Feb 2014 added:
. HTS-NAVI - Photo sequence of setup and use

2nd March 2014 added:
Aurora 9X - Spectra Control must be set to
'"Receiver Type : Opti & Mini""

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