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Originally Posted by otrcman View Post
Does anybody know yet whether the AS3X is integrated into the receiver & servo pack such that it's not easily separated for installation in other airplanes ?

I've had 3 separate gyros in a plane and it certainly makes for a maze of wiring and connectors. It will be very nice for the Horizon models if they've got it all integrated together, but not so nice for us if we want to put the unit in some other airplane with our own choice of receiver and servos.

The video gets sort of repetitive after the first few minutes. How many different ways can you say, "makes the plane fly like it's much larger" ? But they are right, because that's exactly what rate gyros do.

I tell people that you're not the only one flying a plane. The wind is putting in its two cents, making the plane do some things that you don't want and don't expect. And the airplane itself does some unwanted motions just because of it's own aerodynamics. It's like trying to conduct a meeting when some of the others won't stop talking. Makes for a lousy meeting and not much gets done. It's much easier if the other folks stop talking and let you do your thing. So it is with flying a model when rate gyros are suppressing all the other "talkers".

It's probably like their 3 in 1 board for the MCPx. The gyro sensors are just additional tiny chip(s?) on the board. For the UM airplanes, it will probably be incorporated into their servoless AR6400NBL. They state that it is "finely" tuned from the getgo and is not operator tunable. So this is the only issue I would see in putting it in another plane. Especially one that has a different control surface area, and linkage throws - as we all know will affect the overall gain...

The newly introduced AR7200BX is a 3 axis flybarless controller for helis with a Spektrum RX built in.

(by the way, I've been flying with the Sbach motor (2500kv) and 180 mah packs for awhile now. Just had to throw that (like anybody cares). I can do Torque Rolls but only for a few seconds due to the added weight of my mods. I also figured out a way to install an external servo and an additional gyro. The Beast is an awesome design, it easily taught me to fly inverted

Enjoying my UMX Beast (4 min 22 sec)

I'm using a GoPro in the video above, and I hate it. I figured out a way to use off the shelf digital cameras with their mounting system, so check out my other video on it).

When the dust settles after the 1st batch is sold, and the quality issues are rectified, I highly recommend everyone to get the Beast V2. This is an incredible design that was just begging for gyros - to extend flying opportunities. Can't get enough of it....

Oh ya...and pick up "Radio Control Aerobatics - For Everyone". There's nothing you won't be able to do with just a little bit of practice and a little bit of altitude with this plane.
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