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caall99, the white motors are the strongest (so far). Only if one of the motors, normally the LEFT, is gray-colored, will there be decreased power.

Your heli SEEMS to gain power because "hot" motors [the temp rise is only noticable by touching with your lower lip!] need more power to turn > the friction of the motor shaft in the "bearing" hole [there IS no bearing!] causes the shaft to heat and expand in the hole and tighten! It's like resting your muscles to let the use-"poisons" dissipate from the muscles: then you have more power [Cheetahs have to rest for a day to restore their power after a fast chase!].

Put lube on the ball joints, support the arms from behind with small scissors and use your fingernails on two opposite sides of the socket/ball-holder [ring-shaped > NOTE one side of the hole is LARGER and that side MUST be the one into which the ball is inserted .... else KAPUTT!!!!!] to pull the socket/ball-holder straight out. After turning the socket/ball-holder end, before re-inserting, loosely hold it against the ball on the right servo [L/R] to see if the swashplate is L/R horizontal when the rotor shaft is pulled upward to simulate flight (the swashplate falls when not being lifted in flight). That way you'll get a rough idea of your adjustment [the more you play with the ball joint the more likely it is to break!].

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