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Originally Posted by StarHopper44 View Post
Wow - I'm in candyland!!

To Ozzy and HFB:
What were the LiPo pack(s) you each used, and their normal & burst ('C') ratings? Might that have affected the numbers??

Were your full-throttle readings made during straight & level flights, ie no climbing, or turns where the loading (or unloading, depending on direction of turn) on the prop would've had some effect?
[[Addendum: Haven't 'blown up' your thumbnails & read, yet....just reading off the board here.]]

Or even, upwind vs downwind legs? That's one thing I'm interested in testing with my EagleTree when it arrives. Planning on setting 'er to steady half-throttle, & just flying some identical rectangle patterns to study that. And seems that's one area where bench-testing can provide some 'steadier' comparative data.
Upwind, downwind, crosswind... Doesn't exist for an aircraft not in contact with the ground.

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