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I'll second all that's been said about weight being the key to good performance. A 51" Lanc will never fly at scale speed, but you will have a lot of fun with the model.

I've just finished a 48" span depron BN Islander (designed to take to pieces and go in cabin baggage) which weighs 25 oz. Take off 4 or 5 oz for a one-piece model and dispense with the moulded cowls and 20 oz is a reasonable target for this size of plane.

I would strongly recommend a Clark Y or E205 over any other airfoil for this size and weight of model. In fact, have you considered using 6mm depron as a flat plate airfoil (curved over to mimic the top of Clark Y section). This gives a very light and strong wing but of course it will look non-scale from underneath.

A 3mm depron lower skin, 2 laminations of 6mm depron for the spar with a few 6mm ribs and a 3mm top surface will give you a very strong and rigid wing with enough room inside it to take aileron servos and power wires. If you can find 2mm depron, go for it.

I'm looking forward to seeing the model and hearing how it flies - best of luck!
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