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Originally Posted by xlcrlee View Post
caall99, your heli seems badly out of track & trim, else it would stay up longer (hopefully with an interim rest to cool).

Because the upper, stabilizing rotor is controlled by a flybar at 45, not 90, everything in the lower control rotor (controlled by the servos!) is skewed 45 in a counterclockwise direction [90 - 45].

So in this configuration the right servo acts as if was inputting 45 further to the left. It acts like it was inputting from the front of the swashplate!

Thus the right servo IS the fore/aft servo! And the left servo is the L/R servo!

Trust me. Just memorize the above 2 sentences, whether or not they seem logical to you.

Thanks Lee!!!!

You the man... it's gotta be that fantastic swiss blood... of which i have a bunch as well Let's hope it fairs me as well as it does for you!

1. I do notice the blades are not tracked perfectly, and there is some slight vibration.

2. The heli always tries to move back wards, and even with the trim maxed out, i still need to constantly provide a slight forward movement with the right stick to keep it hovering in place.

3. After a charge, the heli flies very strongly. About a minute later it struggles and wants to come down (at this point i see a noticeable drop in power). i let it come down and rest for a little (maybe 10-15 secs)... after this break i take off and it appears as if it gained battery charge magically, and the heli awakens with nearly full thrust... this cycle repeats its self every minute or so, and more frequently as the battery becomes more and more empty. T
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