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Originally Posted by maukabud View Post
Pretty much a C-note...if one needs the Orange micro rx too...(which I would)

The one thing that I see would need swapping out would be the hard plastic tailwheel...put on a nice tiny (and quieter!) foam one instead. Hate that sound of hard plastic wheels on touchdown.

Big bonus for those of us who already have custom-made Eflite UMX Beast cells...with an available Beast>JST adapter, we can use our Hyperion batts in this ship also...yeh.

And...what is the prop size? I'd say perhaps GWS 5043 DDs' would work well.....? there going to be a full spare parts line produced and available?

I really like this part of Deans' above post:

"HobbyKing is really stepping up its game with our new DuraFly Micro line and all I can say as of now is theres alot more where this comes from"

This implies that this plane is merely the first in a whole new lineup!

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Yes exactly, a 5x4.3 prop comes standard and the gws 5x4.3 prop is compatible

Also, we will have full parts support on the site for the Micro Slick in the next couple weeks.

Originally Posted by maukabud View Post
I like this one...looks very well HK stickies splattered all over it either...subscribed!! Great motor, digi servos a big plus, Plush ESC also nice, steerable tailwheel...well done!


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EDIT: the blasted int'l shipping is $20...coming to the USA warehouse maybe??
The product is new so it hasnt had time to ship to our USA warehouse as of now we are going to send it from HK because the box is small but I dont doubt that in the future we will send some to our satellite warehouses
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