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Originally Posted by s_mack View Post
Hi folks!

Yes, we're on backorder... again. I've just never been able to quite keep up with the demand. This time the problem is a combination of Chinese holidays (which I swear extend unofficially to 2 weeks on either side of the official ones) and one of the key components being out of stock at the supplier. Apparently the part has been in for a few days, but so far I don't have any updated ETA. Hopefully soon!

Wow... -100. That's incredible. I keep expecting it to slow down, but it doesn't! Its actually -130 because there's a commercial customer that's not showing up in the count.

BillyP52, thank you for the concern! My son is now doing fine. He's got an allergy to at least cow's milk protein, but it appears to be something else as well. Mother has cut all dairy from her diet completely, but the symptoms are still there whenever we try breastmilk again. Looks like the little guy just might have to stay on some fancy-schmancy formula for the foreseeable future. But at least he's symptom-free while eating that stinky stuff! That's the important thing right now. The pediatrician says its not uncommon and that they usually grow out of it after a few years.

- Steven
Thanx for the updates. Congrats on the continuing demand for your SP board (love mine), and glad to hear the good news about your son. One of our boys had to go the soy substitute for (maybe?) the same problems. No big deal in the long run, hopefully the same for yours.

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