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Originally Posted by StarHopper44 View Post

Actually, I am working on a tekkier version. Basically, a small pair of identical wood squares with one hole in each (just slide 'em apart to fit the plane); a couple of 1/8" dowels just long enough to hold the plane off the deck, & planning to trim the tips down to around 1/16" to contact the wing as small-ly as possible, & each with a seamstress-type tape measure attached that you just pull forward to read where the rod tips are resting, relative to the leading edge. For each new plane, eg ones with landing gear, just make another set of upright rods so it also will just barely clear the deck - the base(s) are adjustable by merely positioning. And it'll all fit in a quart-size ziplok bag for takin' to the field.

I have one other trick up m' sleeve I ain't tellin' just yet. (Actually, it IS m' sleeve!) I'll show&tell when I get it all done....I think it's pretty slick & would bet nobody's thought of it!

(Howzzat for a teaser?)
I am sure I can find another spot on Page #1 for you (along with all the rest of your good ideas).
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