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Originally Posted by ajbaker View Post
Actually, the factory specs (for a V2) call for a CG of 60mm. Since the Bix and the V1 are the same plane, the CG is the same. I have no idea what the original source 50-70mm came from. But, still, IME, 60-(to even)72mm works just fine on all by SkyS planes (3). My suggestion is to set your CG to exactly 60mm from the LE of the wing (as measured next to the fuselage).
I usually stick one fingertip under each wing near the fuselage and move them fore and aft until the plane balances, and adjust the CG to be about where the manufacturer (or the guy who has a nice-flying one) says. Then I rev it up and throw it, and see if it goes bobbing all over the sky or not, and move the CG forward a little if it does.

One-quarter to one-third of the way from the leading edge to the trailing edge, usually works pretty well. Then adjust from there.

Been doing that for fifty years and haven't had a problem yet.
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