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Originally Posted by StarHopper44 View Post
All of us just ain't interested, hoss. How about you declare yourself the winner of whatever contest you're engaged in, knock off the crap and just let it go? I think more would be interested in seeing that than whatever it is you're after.
As usual, you make a good point. Besides, all the angst and rudeness will never get them the answer they want. At least, not from me. Not now, not ever.
On a more appropriate topic. Did you ever try gryo's. They are a class all in and of themselves. Plus, they are a kick in pants to play with for very little $$. I know HK has a few gyros. But, I have not tried any of them on my SkyS's. Does anyone else know anything about the HK gyros? I will put one of mine (EK2-0704) my next outing and video it for everyone. It is fun.
I still have some videos from yesterday that I have to get posted. So, I am going to get that done today.
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