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I then dry fitted the pieces together to get an idea of how the fit and finish is on this model. To my dismay, I ran into quite a few issues right away.
1. The horizontal stabs do not line up perfectly with the roots on the fuse.
2. The wing ( when put together) will not fit properly into the fuse.
3. Certain areas on the model such as the left aileron, and the bottom of the 2 wing halves have mismatched paint. The model is painted in what looks to be olive green and light gray semigloss enamel. However, the left aileron and one of the wing halves is finished in a matte paint (the gray on the wing half is actually lighter in color than the other half.)
4. The threaded bolt holes for the wing's nylon bolts are misaligned and one was cross threaded.
5. The cowl is too big and doesn't properly fit the fuse. Also, for whatever reason, unlike in the fiberglass fuselage, the manufacturer cheaped out on the detail in the cowl.
6. The left aileron seems warped and does not align properly with the wing.
7. The plastic spinner supplied is too small in diameter for the cowl (not a big deal because most of us will chuck the plastic spinner and replace it with a quality aluminum one.)
With regards to the wing not fitting the fuse properly, I had to cut out a piece of the fiberglass and widen the slot in the wooden bulkhead behind that by 300 thou. Once that was done, the wing fit perfectly.
for the nylon bolt holes, I had to open them up in the wing to allow alignment with the threads in the fuselage. I also had to clean up the cross threaded thread.
I have no idea what to do about the cowl. Maybe leave the gap on the bottom of the fuselage in order to make it less pronounced?
I will probably repaint the light gray underside of the model in order to have it matching and apply a dull-coat to the semigloss enamel olive green.
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