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Originally Posted by chris1379 View Post
Glad to see another Funbat make it to the skies. I've heard many times about the magpies and it always cracks me up. So, what kind of power system did you use? Do you have some pictures? I always love to see how people implement a design.

Couple of pics

Funbat is watching you..
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Eyes were for the benefit of the magpies but they seem not to care in this instance. you probably can't see it too well but there is a hole in the fuse just behind the motor mount where he stuck his beak straight through the Depron.

and a picture of the underside and guts..
Turnigy park450
8x4.2 SF prop
1300mah 3cell LiPo

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Like I said, underpowered but nice to get it flying and to get all of the trims right. I tried a 9x6 E prop but the motor heated up way too much. Better off just upgrading the motor and prop to something better matched and more appropriate.

She will loop and roll but won't go vertical or VTO. Often has a bit of tail wag as well which others have noted at low speed.

I managed to get all of the gear inside the fuse by making a tape-hinged hatch in the bottom. Internal heat seems fine for the moment but will monitor it after the motor upgrade. Hatch cover is secured by a big velcro pad as is the battery, both of which seem pretty secure.

Has anyone tried this design in EPP?
Would have loved to try EPP but I'm yet to find a source in Perth. Luckily the state Depron supplier is about a 5 min trip from my house.

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