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Originally Posted by Prof100 View Post
Please edit your post because it is getting far too personal. It is not needed and offers no value to this thread on Sky Surfer modifications.
AMEN to that, Prof!

Geez seems everybody must be 'flying the flag' or something. I say PLEASE let's end this pissing match right here and now.

Here's something I've seen work before:
Open NotePad or something, and write a response to anybody you'd like to address based on the last response......say anything you'd like to them, cuss 'em out, call 'em names....ANYTHING. Then just walk away from your computer & take a few deep breaths (I like to go out back & look at the stars awhile). Leave it open on your desktop awhile or even overnight and when you come back just close it without reading again, pretend you posted it and there never was a it's not worth discussing & never mention it again.

The long & short of it is, this isn't a contest - there's nothing to be won! And only harm can be brought by it. Imagine any newcomer to this forum, coming to this end of it to see what's currently going on and finding this. You seriously think he'd want to join in & be a part of it? Bottom line, is this doing the forum, or its participants, any good? The simple, yet far-reaching answer is, NO.

I would ask, as Prof suggested, to go so far as going back to all posts where you've said anything personal about anyone and editing it out. Just pretend, if it'll make you feel better, that you "won".....clean up your part of the mess, & let it go. Your cooperation will be very appreciated.

Go Bix!
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