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Originally Posted by StarHopper44 View Post
OK all....after 7 hours work transferring & uploading, I hope you'll understand why I ain't up to no music soundtrack & editing at this moment, but here in raw form is the video of my Bix gettin' hot-dawg'd by my Sensei yesterday after I solo'd.

I'd wanted this to be an example AJ could maybe post up on Page1 to show newbs & prospective buyers what these planes can do. Mike pretty well did his part (keep in mind there was gusting 20mph winds aloft, & wind blows foam around pretty easily), but the camera work suffered a bit. When we started we were over 3 Park-flyer Foamys, so had to get up a ways, and I couldn't keep it in view when zoomed even only a stop or two so, it's basically a far look. Maybe we can get something better at another time.

Too, I left raw sound so you can hear the commentary & the motor sound - including the radar clocking. ANYwayz....not looking no Oscars or anythin', this is just for your entertainment if you've got 10 minutes to burn. I think you'll like the landing. Cute commentary afterwards, too.

Thanx for watching!
Here, I found some music for your video.

Toby Keith - Trailerhood (3 min 28 sec)
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