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Originally Posted by Gordks View Post
AJ, I simply do not understand your constant pushing of that MicroDan motor. From your own data you got almost exactly the same power at a given voltage. For the MicroDan you got 305.6 W at 11.25 V against 304.3 W at 11.23 V for the other, both using an APC 6x4. In order to get the higher wattages you had to go to a seven inch prop which won't even fit unless you do some fairly ugly mods to the motor mount. I don't like the looks of the motor mounted out the back of the nacelle.

And the MicroDan costs five times as much! Wow is right!

What happened to the AJ that was so interested in saving all the poor, unsuspecting newbies from spending (or knowing) more than is absolutely necessary? After all, as you said, "this is still just slightly more than a toy". Why put a motor on it that costs more than the whole Bixler ARF?

Now, now... Don't confuse him with facts and data or he might take cheap shots at you too.

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