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Well guys I finally maidened mine!

What a nightmare. People watching me and I couldn't get it up - so to speak

3 attempted launches power off had it hitting the floor before I could get the power on. I even tried setting throttle hold so I could go to power with the flick of a switch with my right hand...

After so much of being a laughing stock I bit the bullet and launched it Darts style under power. Soon found out the problem - massive roll to the left which needed loads of trim to correct. It seemed to balance ok so maybe this is down to motor torque?

Once airborne though - what a machine such a huge speed range, quite happy WOT or just tootling around!! All my landings were elevators, the first one from very high. The last one from very fast and very low (which nearly went pear shaped).

One thing that I will have to sort though is the rudder roll. It looked quite impressive but I would like a switch so I could mix in some opposite aileron so that it yaws flat. Tried a flat spin but it was a non event. Might just bash in a stickfull of rudder in an elevator when I get a bit more experience

All in all it's a very nice plane, my first wing btw, once it is in the air! Now it is trimmed it launches fine but I've not tried power off again yet...

It is making me want to get bigger brother, or maybe even a Scimitar
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