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Originally Posted by cyclops2 View Post
Lets see about those white coated overpriced Witchdoctors.

They have profit margins ranging over 1000 % .
They said when we are able to read the Genetic Codes MANY diseases would be cured. None have been. Just more drugs that are keeping lawyers busier than ever, suing them for known side effects. And NO real curative action. That translates to.. Selling Snake oils from TV stations and monthly magazines.....At the end of the lawsuit the company admits it did NOTHING WRONG & pays each person off with a gag order to not discuss the trial. The people are still injured for life by the toxic effects.

Their ads WARN YOU to TELL YOUR doctor all the medications you are taking........DUUUUUH
My doctor is SUPPOSED to know what I am taking. Unless I am a lying drug addict or alcoholic. Or both.

Any treatment or surgery has a piece of paper that if you sign it. You have released EVERYONE near you from all liability when they do a stupid screwup.

There are almost as many medical lawyers as people cutting grass.

A drug company screws you up & then sends you off to another drug that causes more toxic side effects. Soon you are taking 20 different pills for high blood pressure.

The guy wearing a loincloth gets my vote for doctor of the year.

Have you ever tried to look on the bright side of any subject, it must be a terrible existance in the dark place that you reside.
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