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Originally Posted by bobly View Post
Picked up a um stryker today and almost destroyed it trying to launch it. Maybe I'm just not quick enough. Don't think I will have any problem flying it if I can ever figure out how to get it in the air. I always fly over grass and hand launch, but under power. I launch with left hand with right hand on controls and don't have a bit of trouble. But tried this one that way and piled it in before I could get to the throttle. Tried launching right handed, but couldn't get to the controls quick enough to save it from a roll/turn to the left and piled in.

Is there a trick? or do you just have to be faster than this old man is?
If you have a hard time with the side launch, then try the top launch, particularly if you handlaunch your other UMs from the top as well. Grab it with your left hand, at the back of the cockpit with basically some fingers on the foam part as well (find your sweet spot). It's a bit slippery, but you quickly get the hang of it. Now, with your right hand, apply power (about 80%), move that hand to the right stick so you can control it right away, then launch with the left hand. With your hand on top, prop strikes are less likely (the plane drop a little on take-off).
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