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[QUOTE=Elcheapo;19602410]-Level flight, the autopilot will keep the plane flying leveled by using aileron and elevator channel outputs. The pilot does have manual control of rudder and throttle.
-Fly by wire, the autopilot will check inputs from the pilot. Ailerons and elevator sticks centered will cause the autopilot to keep zero degrees attitude for both pitch and roll. sticks positions from center to extreme positions will cause the autopilot to set from zero to "max roll/pitch angle" attitudes. Basically the autopilot will make sure the airplane stays on a fixed attitude, while you manually command the desired attitude. This, instead of direct command to control surfaces on manual mode.

So FBW will allow you to set attitude and the plane will fly on that fixed attitude based on where you set it with the sticks after centered? In what instance would you want to fly this way? Thanks for your help.
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