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hehe, yeah that was unfortunate, glad you got it back though. Actually I saw that video a while back when searching for any info about this 182. We've had it for about 2 months and I looked at some of your mods with interest. I've done similar suspension for the rear struts but obviously not braced the same as it's back to trike setup. I cobbled up suspension on the front strut too but that didn't work out well with a control rod that was too flexible and lasted one landing after turning the wheel on it's own without rudder input. Against all instinct and better judgement I just had to put it in the air one more time didn't I, and following a shaky hand launch it didn't last another landing and is why the engine mount then broke after a nose over. I really don't know how old this plane is or if it's 1st version or later but it does have a wooden engine mount which I thought I read earlier in the thread came with later 182 and 185s.

Anyhow, only bit of electrics I've had to replace so far is the rudder servo with a 16.6g hitec one I had on hand. The original went kaput on the workbench after I stripped a gear whilst reattaching a front wheel control rod. I'll replace the rest shortly cause IMO it broke to easily and now I don't trust them. But I cant fault the rest of the gear.

I've only been at this for nearly a couple of years and wasn't expecting to jump into this plane, preferring to get into smaller balsa kits but even if having to spend some time and money on improving some components and mods, it flies so well and it's spurring my son's and my interest in the hobby that I'm going to get another for the price they are. Hopefully, later in the coming week after I've finished some repairs I'll put some pics and video up.
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