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Originally Posted by aa78 View Post
As I have stated previously, Hitec could do lots to further improve this radio and its PC software. It's only a question of having capable enough programmers. I don't see any reason to NOT improve this radio further and making it the best in its class except if Hitec is working on another flagship radio and wants to deliberately keep some features out of the Aurora 9.
I find it very unlikely that Hitec are doing this. Their other transmitters the optic and eclipse are long over due for a refresh - especially the optic. Considering the optic 6 has been out of what must be a good 10 years, I don't think the aurora is going to be replaced anytime soon.

More what I think the problem is that Hitec r&d team is probably small with far too many projects on - a lot like many r&d departments. Just look at the delays the minima receiver had and the blue sensor station is still not yet released!

Adding new features to the aurora firmware is just not the highest priority to Hitec. The only time it would be, is when a fault is discovered that could affect sales - such as the optical kill switch problem.

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