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Originally Posted by 2500GENE View Post
The 3900 would be a rocket but flying fpv isn't about that. You want thrust and reliability. Spinning a high kv motor to get thrust and power will create more vibration and rf interference which is what you want to stay away from flying FPV. I don't think sending $200. worth of fpv gear up and away trusting a $15 motor and $12 esc is a good gamble. Others will disagree and that is fine.
I like the E-Flite Six series inrunners. 2200kv or 2700kv.

and a E-flite ESC. (lower RF noise then most).
Also a Dimension Engineering UBEC. (very low rf noise)
Hitec hs 55 servos for low rf noise. (HTX 900s are very noisy rf wise and draw twice what the hs does)

As you may know rf interference will degrade you VTX down link.
If your getting into FPV the you may as well get the stuff that causes the least problems now because you will want it later. All the cheap-o stuff works fine on a non FPV plane but you're not in Kansas anymore..
It all depends on what you want from FPV.
My FPV skysurfer is already built and flown last weekend for the first time. Did really well, but it's a tad underpowered with the stock motor and extra weight. I've already swapped out the stock ESC and servos (one stripped on the bench the first power up of the plane - shockingly bad quality control) and made a custom mount so I can mount regular outrunners to the Skysurfer.

This is my "learning FPV" plane so I'm not looking to drop a ton on it. I have a Skywalker waiting for that
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