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Originally Posted by kylie7958 View Post
What is the differnence between Nitrate dope, clear dope and sanding sealer?
There are two basic types of dope, nitrate and butyrate. Probably the largest difference between the two is that butyrate dope is fuel proof and nitrate dope is not. Both come in clear and colored forms and both have a sanding sealer version. The sanding sealer is simply the nitrate or butyrate dope with solid particles such as talcom powder mixed in. Sanding sealer is normally used to seal the gran in wood to give a smooth surface for painting, not to seal the weave in cloth.

To use these dopes the normal sequence is to attach, tighten and seal the fabric covering with clear nitrate dope. This is normally done using two or three coats that are thinned 50%. Then one or two coats of colored butyrate dope are used for the final decoration and for fuel proofing. Colored butyrate dope tends to be heavy so it is used in thin layers with only enough to acheive the desired color. Then a top coat of clear glossy, semi glossy or matt butyrate dope can be used as a top coat. As mentioned before, butyrate dope can be applied over the top of nitrate dope, but not the other way around.

If dope is hard to find in your area try an airport that does aircraft maintenance. You can often buy dope from them and although it is the same stuff, it is usually quite a bit less expensive than the dope that is packaged for model use.

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