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Google translated from :

Futaba introduced no remote control antenna 8J, T18MZ screen good press! (2011 Tokyo Model Show)


Chance Post by Tough Guy

The Tokyo Model Show, Futaba and JR users two really mustering the strength to other signs!

JR introduced DMSS two-way transmission army fight, lineup with XG6, XG8, XG11

This is a two-way transmission Futaba present only their own top T18MZ, while others still maintain a one-way transmission of 2.4G, 2.4G but has developed on the basis of several models, such as S-FHSS is a high-speed transmission type.

Futaba has always been to the advantage of cutting edge multi-functional, especially for the Super T8FG after the upgrade is Total Annihilation, a favorite of elementary ~ high-level players!

The exhibition at the Tokyo model is introduced all new models "8J", I remember in the beginning of Futaba published T6J it? Using a higher-speed S-FHSS, and 8J are also used S-FHSS, the transmission speed of the remote control from a 7ms delay literally raised to 6.8ms (estimated), it follows 6J and 8J most prominent feature of the antenna ~ ~ no !

Let's look at the photo, this group of photos is the brother of Jimmy Lai shoot in Japan!

Shizuoka Model Show in May, when, on the inside of the glass cabinet is T18MZ, this time on the inside of the cabinet is 8J, only to see - can not touch Ah!

We are not sure that being the lower right corner will circle the circle of blue, in the end is the same as the touch pad with 8FG, or just a direction button is currently unknown. However, if compared with the 8FG, more than three physical buttons, to see a + - keys should be used to adjust the data used.

I like the middle of the knob is only one, then two more about fine-tuning knob, which allows me to have many applications.

But the switch seems a little change, T8FG is in addition to two long switch is behind the two, the other all three sections, and 8J does not seem all three sections of switch Oh, because the photos are not enough, we do not predict.

The most notable are no friends - antenna design antenna you need it? In fact, I had removed the antenna Futaba (destruction), inside is a small antenna with receiver antennas, so is ok to be built directly into it!
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